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Nov 7, 2009 5:30am EST
schoolson. >>> first lady michelle obama helped kick off a program to help young people in our area. the first lady kicked off a white house leadership and mentoring initiative. tenth and 11th grade girls from our ar are getting paired with senior officials at the white house. they'll follow their female role models to learn things such as life skills and career development. the goal is to make a positive impact on young people so they'll pursue their dream. this first phase of the initiative is all female. a young man's version starts soon. >>> in the past weeks, wefl seen thousands of people line up for hours in hopes of getting the swine flu vaccine. not everyone is swearing by the shots or the mist. in fact, there is a large population relying on home remedies. jackie benson has that story. >> reporter: don't count on the onions you heard about in that chain e-mail to keep you from getting the h1n1 virus. people are worried. the h1n1 vaccine is hard to get. so is antiviral medicine like tamiflu. some are turning to home remedies like the one that claimed sleeping with an onion n
Nov 14, 2009 5:30am EST
welcomed in homes across the globe. even first lady michelle obama is making an appearance to help narcotic show's 40th season. >> are you part bird? >> no, big bird. i'm not. >> reporter: the man behind the you now famous carings was none other than the muppet master himself, jim henson who had his levisiontart right here on nbc 4. it was a show called sam and friends that he created in 1954, bullet a primitive version of kermit the frog. >> what you are you doing? >> i'm taking a course in visual thinking. >> reporter: he performed the show here in studio a next to the news4 studios in 97 washington. a plaque describes the station's muppet history. henson's family moved from mississippi to hyattsville when he was a teenager. he had just graduated from northwestern high school and was a freshman at the university of maryland in college park when he today buhhed sam and friends on tv. this stat you you've of henson and kermit you now sits on the college campus and even the young students today think back fondly of sesame street. they especially appreciated the show's inclusiveness and abili
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2